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Specialists in Ice Arena Refrigeration, Absorption Chillers, ORC Electrical Generators,  Thermal Storage, Solar Energy, Controls, Heating, & Air Conditioning, Wineries, Fruit Storage, Installation and Servicing.


hockey rink / arena refrigeration specialists With the ever increasing competition to compete on the world’s stage, Norlock Refrigeration is committed to keeping our  customers out in front by providing Energy Efficient Refrigeration and HVAC systems which will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Our reputation for providing Quality Service and implementing the latest Industry Innovations has ensured our place as an industry leader. Norlock Refigeration’s service and installation teams have a combined work experience of over 50 years, certified in refrigeration, plumbing, welding, gas fitting, refrigerant reclaim, computer control, and electrical to keep your equipment, arenas and ice rinks running smoothly and efficiently.

We specializ in Ice Arena Refrigeration, Wineries, Fruit Storage, Thermal Storage, Solar Energy, Controls, Heating, and Air Conditioning, and provide complete Installation and Servicing. Contact us about ice rink refrigeration or other refrigeration needs.


At Norlock Refrigeration, we are commited to reducing our carbon footprint with Green energy saving products such as Solar Energy, Geo Thermal, Photovoltaic Solar Panels, and more! Check it out!

Refrigeration systems - green technology

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